RRadio Music Short - I'm retired, but the artists' songs are still here.

Hear an RRadio Music Short
Artists, get into the ears of more radio programmers and fans.

Stations receive music that deserves to be heard - free.

Fans grab a bite-sized serving of songs, fresh every day.

Ken Dardis, Audio Graphics
Ken Dardis, President (retired)

RRadio Music Shorts are unique sounding new artists: Deserving to be heard, but are drowned out by the drone of a few songs from large audio outlets.

A "Music Short" is screened for artist competence, creativity and production quality. These are the best new indie artists. The future of music.

If you have a question contact me directly online.

Or call: 440-564-7437 (Eastern Time Zone - USA).

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Great, Indie Artist Music

The new breed of musician.

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