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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The "Where Do We Go From Here" Syndrome

There is no quick, easy, or cheap way to do what needs to be done. The level playing field is really dependent on the size of your wallet and the breadth of your knowledge. The ratio to which has yet to be set.

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Social Media - An Awareness Generator

The radio industry, and most indie artists, waste a lot of motion on social media. My guess is that few in either group have done a quantified "what's in it for me" evaluation.

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Radio Industry: Stop the False Comparisons

The radio industry needs to get in this digital game in a consistent manner, now, and quit trying to denegrate new competitors.

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New Artists for Internet Radio

The following artists are like many indie acts available at AG's RRadio Music. They come from a new breed of digitally savvy musicians who understand the importance of internet radio in getting their music heard.

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Radio Industry Needs More New Talent

How many new artists does your station feature each week? Stretch that. How many new music talents are introduced throughout the whole radio industry each week?

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An Inevitable Indie Artist Predicament

In early days of the ride on today's distribution model, an artist needs to accept any road to the consumer they can get - or settle on music being an act of passion alone.

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