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    Great New Jazz Music from Indie Artists, for Radio Stations

    Here are the latest jazz artists from RRadio Music:

    Download and play these jazz songs, free.

    In My Heart

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    ft Sandra St. Victor

    sample song

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    Here are the top picks from our team. All downloads are FREE!

    Jordana Talsky
    An Invitation

    sample song

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    Jo Cuseo
    Reach Out and Love Someone

    sample song

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    Tim Gleeson
    Call My Name

    sample song

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    "Intro to Indie Artists" Free!

    Find many more new jazz artists at RRadio Music.

    Or, schedule an "Intro to Indie Artists" Jazz Program!

    The most respected, independently-produced indie artist programs - FREE.

    53 stations have requested 156 "Intro to Indie" programs."

    "The quality of your Indie artists far surpass those of Music Submit." - Scott Schlafman,

    29 stations play "Intro to Indie Artists" - Jazz.
    Programs are in 5, 3, and 2 song lengths.
    (Sample each by taping on the number. Order programs here.)

    Artists sign waivers, giving you permission to play their music for free.

    "Intro to Indie Artists has made an excellent addition to our line-up..."
                       Alison - Director Of Programming; Dekadance Radio

    "Intro to Indie artists really adds to the variety we pride ourselves on."
                      Franklyn - Aaron Broadcasting

    "It's been really easy to join in with this and it really helps with airplay!"
                      Katie Owen - RRadio Music Pop Artist

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