2017 - How to Use This Year

Since launching Audio Graphics in 1997 it's morphed. Change was often a topic here, so staying the same seemed at odds with my message.

2017 is going to be a year of change.
The affect of change, to some, is dramatic, debilitating; others sense "different" but adjust and move on.
And you? The musician, radio station owner or music fan? Artists know the difficulty of getting noticed in our digital age. Fans show disdain for any audio outlet that repeats songs ad nauseam. They seek diverse quality without interruption.

As for station owners, this is just my opinion but this category has expanded to include any place online where you listen to audio. The old folk want to call it radio, but we all know audio has become a smorgasbord. Wading through all that is offered is impossible. Organizing all that you hear is work.

2017 is a time when the music, song and fans find each other. Audio Graphics, as before, will morph to help.

Artists: Know that RRadio Music is where radio stations come to request songs for their playlist.

Stations (other audio sourced sites and apps included), find free music at RRadio Music.

"Airplay for Exposure" is a stepping stone to aid both groups.

Fans benefit through hearing new music, when they want.

("Intro to Indie Artists" programs are another discussion.)

When taking your steps into this new year make sure they are in the right direction. Be you an artist or audio outlet producer - as in radio station owner - take a look at what RRadio Music offers.

Morph. Adjust. Move yourself forward in 2017 by using a system that's been around since 2003. Start by sampling today's "Music Short."

Monday, January 2, 2017      eMail to a Friend

Today's artist introduction is to Rock from Invisible Eddie

Invisible Eddie
  Give "I Can't Take This Anymore" a listen.

  Stations: Add it to your playlist, free.