If Your Tweaking is Finished, So Are You!

How's business?

"Steady" seems to be the most used phrase
, next to "slow" or "could be better." The new normal doesn't allow for instant, explosive success - except in those rare cases when content goes viral. (Wait on that or buy a lottery ticket. The odds are the same.)
Audio Graphics serves a defined set of people: 1) Artists looking for exposure; 2) Radio stations and other producers of audio; 3) Fans who love new music. In AGs twenty years online there's one thing that never happened: Never was there a time when I wasn't tweaking our web sites, data base, email, or tracking systems.
Learn, evaluate, improve, then repeat is a ritual in top companies. So, how's your business?

Over the past thirty days what have you learned, evaluated, and then took action on to improve? If the answer is "nothing," why continue?

I've been working on the backend of RRadio Music, expanding its artists' reach. Our library is now open to all audio producers (stations, podcasters, etc) and people (fans).

   How to Use RRadio Music:          

What's different? From its founding in 2003 until 2016 distribution was limited to radio stations only. But the world changes, more audio platforms are offering more music. There's a larger ocean for each artist to swim in, and a much tougher time getting exposure. There are thousands of very good artists who just want to be heard. (example)

Helping artists find stations, podcasters and fans is my focus now. RRadio Music musicians sign waivers giving free use of their songs in exchange for the exposure. There's no money changing hands because ours is a different distribution system for today's music.

Making new music easier to get is this months reason why I'm back to learn, evaluate, improve, then repeat. Adding some of these songs can become yours.

Thursday, January 9, 2017      eMail to a Friend

Today's artist introduction is to Hard Rock from Sevenfootfetish

  Give "Bleed" a listen.

  Stations: Add it to your playlist, free.