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For decades my belief has been to not let anything go public until it was ready, and by that I mean it must be complete with support systems, final look, and a method to sell.

Facing today's increasing "velocity of change," it's not always possible. New items appear in larger numbers. Competition grows.
In February I wrote in "You Say Podcast. I Say Program.": Move away from how a music, interview or a talk "show" has been put together. Focus on its distribution. That's today's problem. Adding: The terms podcast, podcasting and podcaster lack description of content.

With the above thoughts in mind, here's an introduction to what I believe solves a problem: Audio Graphics' new "Music Short."
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Music Short is a program knowing no limit on length, format, or distribution. A Music Short is built using royalty free songs that are not streamed. It can be a single song or a night's worth of party songs. And those who play it can be radio stations, podcasts or fans.

With a huge change in audience behavior (on demand, etc), little has been done to address how audio programs are distributed. Music Short is a critical step in change for the smaller webcaster and artist.

I'm still working on many of the details but the final product is not far away. It's time to start the discussion and listen to feedback.

Talk a look and listen to the sounds of tomorrow, new indie artists.

With the cost-cutting strategy used by radio over the past 20 years very little has been done to alter "how" an audio program is distributed. That ends now. Music Short is a different new-music experience in changing times.

Sample a Music Short
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Single Song
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