Credibility Loss Builds Audience

Some things in life are intuitive: 1) Texting while driving is bad. 2) In your life and career, a constantly improving mind helps. 3) Don't let the masses see you being stupid.

My fear is in the growing number of people ignoring #3.
We live in a world where notoriety comes not from accomplishment but caustic, provoking statements. FacebookShare on Twitter
Details are always vague. Braggadocio, bold. (Is that redundant?) Today, groups of people quickly circle wagons when any person from another group marginalizes them through rational thought, or degrades them with caustic statements. Facts matter little - most troubling is how that's OK.

Through social media, we've handed out too many megaphones to too many people who never learned the meaning of restraint. That's bad on a personal level, while becoming more prolific in business, and damaging in government. What's adding weight to this anchor is, in general, people do not understand the power of a message or how little effort the masses exert to validate it. This has brought us to a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in life: "If it agrees with my thinking, it's credible. If not, it's fake." The battle then escalates.

Circle the wagons has become build a wall, which is turning into I don't have to listen. Compromise seldom enters.

Rational thinking is stifled by larger segments of the population letting other segments see them being "stupid."

Putting flagrant violations of bots and fake accounts aside, there are emotional and ignorant words being said by too many people holding megaphones.

People shouting into the SM abyss don't realize only 4 friends have heard their words, unless it's a provocative statement. Then the swarm grows with nobody giving thought to this truth: social media algorithms are built to reinforce viewpoints and elevate emotion.

We've entered an age where media exists but is of little value. Too few in the audience are interested in challenging others who are being stupid. Too few outlets are interested in building credibility when losing it has proven to be the way an audience base grows today.

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