Cleaning Out the Attic - IV

While going through old files I came across a number of articles containing comments on how radio can best prepare for digital change.

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Comments from Ken:

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Dec. 23, 2008
No longer is media's responsibility to just deliver an audience. Now it must deliver results too. That's a demand which is coming from advertisers and agencies, and why 2009 will go to whomever provides the tightest set of numbers to back up their claims of media superiority.

Jan. 5, 2009

The act of playing a commercial is only half the equation now. How many people responded to the commercial is starting to be a valuable answer to have. In 2009 it will be even more important as advertisers seek proof that reaching your audience is putting money in their pockets.

Jan. 8, 2009

Showing clients how to better use the internet for marketing merchandise, coupling on-air mentions with online response, and becoming the go-to people for helping small businesses buy keywords in local search were some of the approaches suggested to radio execs.

April 16, 2009

Radio has a problem! On one side we have CEOs who sit and follow. They are fearful that any move made won't be good enough because they don't understand how the world has changed.

On the other side sit those radio industry CEOs who think they know what they are doing, believe in their vision, and waste everyone's time talking about what they are going to do. It doesn't matter what these guys say - they are all guys - you know their Armani Suits get soiled when looking at radio's 2008 revenues.

April 20, 2009

It's ironic that one of my first observations when checking into a Las Vegas hotel for this NAB was the clock radio on the desk, which featured an MP3 docking station. Few radio industry executives would have found this amusing; a more troubling thought is that many radio execs probably didn't even notice this little sign of progress.

June 4, 2009

The radio industry is at a very important crossroads where its only salvation is to make major adjustments - meaning to walk away from what was, and begin learning what is and will be.

July. 14, 2009

We've recently read that Interpublic's Magna Group has adjusted its forecast for local radio revenues to a loss of 21.8% in 2009. Whatever it is that radio needs to do, the industry will not turn on a dime. Yet we've seen no indication that any radio industry CEO is making adjustments to real-world competition. This YouTube video is outside of what old-school radio broadcasters consider a proper alignment of programs, i.e., a jock playing songs for six-hour shifts, voice-tracking, or stale topics regurgitated on talk radio stations by host and audience.

This is from Dave Carroll, a United Airlines customer who was not impressed with its customer service... 2.7 million views of this have already happened. (By today, Dec. 31, 2014 it's had 14,455,675 views.)

Sept. 29, 2009 Youth need to be brought into the executive suites at radio stations again, and listened to for guidance. God knows, the way the old farts have been doing things isn't working. Give the younger set a chance to connect with their peers.

Feb. 19, 2010

Are you prepared to spend time learning how the internet works, and how your radio station web site can better quantify an advertiser's campaign? Do you have an inclination to uncover ways radio can use the internet in harmony with listeners and advertisers? Does your future include a web site offering A/B testing or featuring non-music topics relative to your audience? Does the web site break free of the typical radio station design? Do listeners leave feeling they've gained from visiting it? These are all items that now need to be learned. You're not just broadcasting to Kansas anymore.

April 19, 2010

Radio is local. Local business owners interested in using this medium to reach their community need to find more radio related information online; when doing a search for anything related to radio advertising, radio ad buying, radio advertising creative, and radio's documented success. As of this morning, I found very little created by a radio group or other radio industry organization. This needs to improve.

May 13, 2010

The main thrust of the Audio Graphics/Borrell Associates survey is that fewer than 5% of 1,011 respondents had ever received or used a coupon sent via cellphone.

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Could it be that the cellphone is so attached to oneself that there's a rebellion brewing against ads forced, as [our 28 year old son] Jeff says, " my face, in my space." Advertising on hand-held devices could prove to be a little more than the masses will accept, forcing mobile advertising to fall short of its hype for the next few years.

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