The Difficulty in Producing Quality

I read it again this morning. For artists it goes something like "You've got a great song that you just know will blow away the audience." For radio stations, the phrase is equally predictable: "Content is king. Just produce good content and people will listen." Both concepts are BS.
Reading an author's commentary like the above my first thought is usually that this person has produced very little content. Those who have known "quality," also know real quality is rare. Average being called "quality" is plentiful, though.

When I was active in consulting my focus wasn't so much on teaching how to produce quality, but on lowering expectations that everything the company produced was going to be - what the audience would determine as - high quality.
To produce quality takes time and talent. In today's world, seldom do the two come together in enough dosage at the right time.

These are two more thoughts: You're only as good as your last song. You're judged on that last time you opened the microphone. You should consider, too, that the promotion you're currently running probably doesn't have people walking over themselves to hear your sound. Should you be surprised?

How many times have your creations drawn extensive feedback without your requesting a comment?

Concentrate just on the audio silo, whether you make a song or program, and you are also confronted with tens-of-thousands of alternative average-quality audio.

The internet brought a degree of competition nobody expected. Making matters worse, the level playing field is no longer as level as it was 15 years ago.

As a producer of audio content you want everything you do to be quality. I get that, and have the same drive. Though, as people who spent years in any business will tell you, producing a quality anything is hard, much harder than those who tell you to do it know.

Content is King. This song will blow you away. Without a resounding response to what you currently have out there, standing still to admire how good your content is gets you nowhere tomorrow. (Key: If you don't have failures you aren't trying hard enough.)

You have control over your expectations. If what you create meets them it's a success; but you still must create something else, because that's how this creative field works.

As a producer of audio content you want everything you do to be quality. I get that. Only, don't label it quality yourself. Let the other person find out how good you are. They'll remember it longer, while telling more of their friends than you'll ever reach. That latter action, alone, screams "quality stuff here."

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