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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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The Allure: A Promise of Radio Airplay

Artists wishing to generate revenue need to depend on a variety of promotional vehicles, each needing time to digest so you know how to best use it effectively.

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Broadcast Radio Has Failed Online

Radio missed the domain boat long ago. And it continues refusing to buy radio-related domain-specific URLs that are immensely helpful in growing audience.

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Music's Worth Depends on Who is Asked

We need some sanity from both sides of the Performance Royalty issue. Radio must quit the rhetoric that its sole purpose is to benefit the artist. That's BS, and everyone knows it. Artists must stop insisting that everything they produce has value. Even at the top level, musicians produce a lot of garbage.

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Online, Radio's Battle for Moxie

Relative to radio, online, there's not much variation in radio programming. Most every station sounds the same, with only the I.D. being different. The Jazz host may talk slower than the AC host but, when their mouth opens it's usually the same type of wording which falls out.

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Desperation, in a Desperate Message

There's one thing a seasoned sales person wouldn't do, concentrate on bashing the competition. Inflating onerous reasons for NOT using a competitor's product or service goes beyond insecurity.

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Radio Industry Myopia on Competition

What would be useful to everyone is if these radio industry trades would vow to not bring up the name Pandora as if it's the only competitor.

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Radio Industry "Feel Good" Policy Hurts

It's time for the radio industry to wake up to its new world of competition and the new outside forces having an impact on the business.

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Indie Artists: "The Times They Are A-Changin'

There are different mindsets on owning music today than forty years ago. Don't blame that on anyone in particular. Blame society as a whole. Try to change it and you'll waste time.

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